Friday, May 7, 2010


when we got up this morning it was snowing,so we took a 25 mile trip out to see a few things'

Crazy Horse the greatest of all the Sioux War Chiefs

they are craving this into a mountain(this is 1/34 scale)

remember my bears: they are so warm ,great coat

as we were leaving we saw.

great wooden bridges

how about living here.

when we were leaving

all in all it was a good day.


Our Cross Stitching Home/Historie/One of God's little Princesses said...

Just way 'til the kids see these pictures. Did you feel overwhelmed when you saw Mt. Rushmore?

JT said...

I read that it took at least 50 years to complete the head to the Crazy Horse memorial , while it took less time to complete the four-headed Mt. Rushmore. Strange.

Anyway, great pictures! It will be neat to see if they ever finish the Crazy Horse memorial

Karen said...

M will look nice in one of those bearskin coats!

Julia said...

Great photos John. We have just seen Larry's post on this..
I can't even imagine how they carve those beautiful carving right up there on the mountian. Reno had to smile at the suggestion of the Three Stooges up there!